Fuengirola pool league

About Econ pool leagues

Econ's Fuengirola pool leagues are organised by 'Econ pool tables'.

It is important to understand the players and bars that take part in an ECON league should consider that league to be 'their' league that ECON organises for them. Leagues run independant of favoritism to any bar or company while being open to any pool table operator, any bar or any person that is interested in a respectful, fair and well organised league... as any sporting/leisure event should be. The league can evolve as the people who take part want it to evolve, so do not be afraid to offer your input or suggestions. It should also be pointed out that any indifference between a person that is barred from a bar taking part in the league and that bar is between that person and the bar!

[ECON Thursday EPA league] Currently this league can have either one or is two divisions that plays to old EPA Rules. Teams can take part from the Fuengirola, Las Lagunas, Los Boliches and Torreblanca areas..

The costs for running this league including prizes generally comes to approximately 2000€, plus there is the time involved in organising and running the league. Currently there are no subs charged to players for taking part in the Thursday EPA league if the table is an ECON pool table, all monies are covered by team entrance fee and Econ Pool.

Most questions can be answered in the Econ League Guidelines, the following are a few points about the league that may or may not be covered in those guidelines:

Matches consist of 6 singles and 3 doubles, teams should exist of at least 6 players although we recommend having more in case some players are not available on match nght. There should be a snack break during the frames, this would generally be between the singles and doubles frames.
You should turn up and play even if you have 4 players with 4 players you can still play all the games, the players names must be drawn from a glass and point penalties will be encurred for using 4 or 5 players (1pt penalty for 5 players, 2pt for 4 or less).

Score sheets should be sent to the league Admin for the season: Alan Craine 665329678 by Whattsapp from the home team right after each game and at the latest by 12 midday of the day following a league game, if results need to be chased up after this then a 1 point penalty may be encurred! Results will be posted on the fuengirolapoolleague.com web site as soon as possible after ALL results have been submitted.

Team entry:
This league is open to any bar who wants to enter a team in our league even if the pool table is not an ECON table, although their table operator will be expected to pay towards the costs of the league.

There will be a maximum of 2 teams from any one bar although if team numbers and weeks available for the duration of the league permit then this limit may be waivered.

A team entry fee to the league is 25€ and subs of 125€, along with a deposit payment of 80€, this deposit payment will be returned in full if all fixures have been completed or the remainder less any late cancellation deductions if made. If the pool table in your bar is an ECON pool table then ECON will pay 125€ towards the team entry fee. leaving 25€ for the bar to pay (plus the 80€ returnable deposit).
The reason we pay 125€ towards the entry fee for teams using our tables is to give something back to the people who use our product, a small way of returning our appreciation for using an ECON table.

There are 125€ in subs per team in the ECON league (This will be paid by ECON for team bars with an ECON table.

Operator entry:
If the pool table in your bar is not an ECON pool table then your pool table company will be expected to contribute to the costs of the league. If your table is from another operator then that operator will be expected to pay a 50€ team fee plus a 'one of' 150€ league entry (50€ for each team entered), this is apart from the actual team entry fee and deposit above paid by the bar/team. I.e: 1 team (Operator: 150+50=200€), 3 teams (150+50+50+50=300€), 6 teams (150+50+50+50+50+50+50=450€) etc.

Why is there an operator entry fee?
ECON does not charge any subs for players, the league costs are 95% covered by ECON, so the total cost of the league in prizes, 1€ per point, trophys, payment to the winning bar towards the presentation etc. all come to about 2,500€ and that does not include the time and organisation the league involves. So it only seems reasonable to have another operator who owns a table that will generate * them * money because of this league to contribute to our league since there are no subs, the entry fee for them is small and less than the proportion of their teams cost in the league. If we charged subs then that operator fee may be less or probably not even needed but then as we have already stated: This league is about giving a little back to the pool players who use our tables and not about pool table operators making money!

There will be:
# Trophys for LEAGUE 1st (+100€), 2nd (+75€) and 3rd (+50€) places, individual player trophys and keyrings for team players
This may be different if there are two divisions because of team numbers but will include a 1st, 2nd and 3rd trophy and prize.
# Trophys for CUP 1st (+60€) and 2nd (+40€) places.
# Singles tournament run during league.
# Doubles tournament run during league.
# Trophys for players who get 8 ball clearances.
# A two piece snooker cue and case with a value of between 200 to 300€ for the player(s) that wins the highest ranking points competition mad up of the top 8 ranked players in the league games only.
# A trophy for the player with the highest ranking points.
# 1€ per point for players with 5 or more points on singles games (Player must turn up at presentation to collect this, no show no 's).
# A raffle for various 2 prizes at the presentation.

Season players with ranking points of 5 or above will receive 1€ for each point. To receive this winnings the player must show at the presentation, these '€ per point' winnings cannot be picked up by anyone else.