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Note: No player ranking is available for this season as yet as the league does not strart until October 20th, 2016.

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There are no more fixtured for this listed pool league, this information will be updated just before the next league starts.

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This years ECON Thursday league will start on Thursday October 19th 2017, there is a Pre-league meeting in Alba bar on Thursday October 5th at 8.30 PM, all teams should be represented with bar owners, team captains and players all welcome to come along, it is your league!

Items for discussion:

1) Do we change to Black ball rules?
2) Player point awarded for situations where a team does not play a fixture and the player loooses their spot in ranking knockout, this point does not count for actual player ranking only for taking part in the ranking knockout.
3) Return to original 1 visit for 8 ball clearance
4) Are there enough teams interested in a Monday league to go forward with it?

If you are interested in taking part in the ECON Thursday league then give me a call (Mike) and I will call and drop in the information sheets to your bar. Teams should consist of 6 players, food snacks need to be provided on game nights and rules are currently based on Old EPA rules.

We are looking to see if there are enough bars interested in an ECON Monday league! 4 to 6 players, 12 singles games, no snacks and black ball rules. This will start on Tuesday October 17th 2017. If you are interested in this then let me know A.S.A.P.

There will be a pre league meeting in the Anchor bar on Oct. 5th 2017 to discuss things such as should we change the Thursday league rules to Black ball, World rules or keep as they are and if any guidelines changes should be made. If you wish to have your say on this then turn up at the pre league meeting, any changes made at the meeting cannot be changed mid way through the season.

The ECON league is open to bars in Fuengirola, Los Boliches and Torreblanca. The ECON pool league is about ECON giving pool players and bars something back for using our tables, if you have an ECON pool table we pay the 125€ of your teams subs, you pay 25€ team entry and 80€ returnable deposit. If you do not have an ECON table see entry fees etc. on our About page
his coming 2017/18 season will be the 8th year for the ECON Fuengirola Pool league.

Contact number: Mike 696772063

For more information regarding a team entering the league such as directions, a google map of the bar location and the registered player names then just click on that teams name and a page will open with the information.


1) We are still working on making the web site Mobile friendly, although this is an ongoing process the main ranking and results column and tabs as is on the left of this page can be accessed on a mobile Here, that should make the reading of ranking and results data easier for mobile users.

- Notes End.

This Fuengirola pool league is organised by 'Econ pool & snooker' for pool players, it runs through the winter months and generally starts at the end October each year, ending between April and the end of May depending on the number of teams taking part. Currently there is one division that plays to old EPA Rules.

Taking part in a pool league can be fun for your customers and can generate business for your bar. Being involved generally leads to customers visiting your bar more often, it will help you to get to know people and so generate more custom while also giving your customers an interesting activity to be involved in most weeks through the winter months.

If anyone wants to play for a team then let us know and we will pass you contact details onto the teams, some teams are interested in having more players so there is always the chance you can sign up with one.

Contact us if you want to take part in our league.

CUP Matches

If there are cup matches played within the league (Same night) then the player ranking points will be included in their total, with the exclusion of any Cup semi or Cup final games so as to make it fair for all players.

Cup games involve an unequal number of home and away games for teams so it would be unfair to take these points from cup matches into consideration.


Firstly: Winning this league does not take any team onto the Spanish championships! This is a small local pool league, the object of which is to create a social event between teams, players and the bars involved in the league. To create an evening of enjoyable competition in the game of pool, to create entertainment for people 'bar customers' through the winter months and to help generate business for all involved, if that is not what you are looking for then you will find this league will probably not suit you.

I like to think this pool league is not taken overly seriously, as stated above: We want people to be social, enjoy themselves and to have fun... after all thats what it is all about... and yes, by all means go out to win.

Notes: If you need to reschedule any game then let the opposing team know ASAP. Cancellation of matches need to be communicated to the opposing team with at least 24 hours notice of the match. Failure to do so will forfeit 20€ from your team deposit and could result in a (7 : -1) or (-1 : 7) loss unless it has been agreed to reschedule at the time of notifiying the opposing team you will not turn up. In any case there will still be a forfeit of 20€ for letting the opposing team down inside a 24 hour period, results will be updated when the game has been played.
You need to let the opposing team know, informing ECON Mike is not sufficient.

Any reschedule of matches must be played as soon as is possible.

If no notice is given then an automatic 7, -1 loss or -1, 7 loss will be incurred by the team that does not turn up.

Home teams generally go to a lot of trouble to prepare food and some players in general make special arrangements to be available to play, please do not disrespect this. Please read the League Guidelines for more information.

It is not possible to 'flip' players around from one team to another, if this happens the player that is registered with another team will be marked down as VOID, if that player won their match they will be marked as 0. If a transfer is required that 6 days notice needs to be given in order to allow time for request to be posted in other team bars, the transfer can be turned down if objections are raised within 3 days of being posted in other team venus. Any player caught using an alias to play games with other teams will have ALL their games marked as 0 while the opponents will be marked as 1, team results will be adjusted accordingly.

The main objective of Econ's pool leagues is for players and bars taking part to have fun and enjoy the game of pool, but please remember... this is only a game of pool!

It is very important to understand that cheating is not considered as sportsmanship, nor is it considered as acceptable behaviour. One of the objectives of this league is for bar owners to make more friends and so bring in more customers and trade, being friendly and sportsmanlike to others would be considered as behaviour that can promote that!

Welcome to ECON's Fuengirola Thursday pool league